The Carter Payne

ARTx is excited to call The Carter Payne home.

The Carter Payne chapel, a treasure on the southeast side of downtown, is a 120-year-old AME Church turned Community Destination. It has been repurposed as a multi-concept space to serve as the tasting room for Local Relic, a nano-scale flagship free brewery and as a restaurant incubator / proving ground for Immerse Cuisine, both Social Enterprises, as well as serving to foster community on both a small and large scale as a host for community and private events, and as a gathering space for the public during normal operating hours. Partnerships with local non-profits, arts organizations, and institutions enhance efforts to include art and community in the space, while exposing patrons to both community and the arts. The Cellar, event space located downstairs at The Carter Payne, is available for use for both public and private events.